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Making the World a Nicer Place Through Handcrafted Incense #onthesunnyside

April 07, 2015 1 Comment

The very first time I ever strolled through Rice's Market, a warm and welcoming country market in New Hope, Pennsylvania, I could not help but stop as I came across the blissful scents from one particular location. As I paused to take in the fragrances of vanilla, lavender, lilac, and traditional Nag Champa, I enjoyed other unique scents like coco-mango and creamsicle (yes, it is exactly as dreamy as it sounds!) All of these were hand-dipped by The Incense Guy, a jovial and kind-hearted craftsman who has been making and selling potpurri, oils, and incense for more than 20 years.

His mission statement came from a customer's description of what he does, "making the world a nicer place," and he truly and humbly does just that. All of the incense sticks are original pure and simple and are hand-dipped. He carefully chooses ingredients and expertly blends essential oils and aromatic oils to bring out the very best in each. The fragrances create relaxing atmospheres and with dozens of varieties, there is sure to be a scent perfect for every room and occasion. Having purchased from The Incense Guy numerous times in the past, I am personally honored that we are authorized retailers for his scents in our shop. You will find 50 different varieties of fragrances along with incense holders - either simple wooden holders or more ornate glass incense holders.

Try one new fragrance or try them all, each comes bundled in packages of 10 or more to enjoy a variety of your favorite scents.


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harri joy
harri joy

May 19, 2016

a saint that walks the earth , i know the man and the things that he sells -

i have been using his product for over 20 years and will not buy from anyone else
make the time and look this man up and you will never forget him and his wares

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