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Global Fair Trade Jewelry

Peace Necklace Handcrafted in Ethiopia

This necklace is a mixed metal marvel, but so much more. The brass beads are formed from bullet casings left behind by the Eritrean-Ethiopian War and collected from Ethiopian farmlands. The metal is recycled into beads and hand-strung on this necklace by women with HIV/AIDS at a workshop near the famed Entoto Mountain, making this necklace a symbol of peace, healing, and hope.

Two brass rings connect five strands of recycled bullet brass beads in the front and two strands in the back. The front strands are interspersed with larger silver-plated copper beads and recycled bullet brass beads. A beautiful Global Fair Trade gift.

  • Beaded necklace made from recycled brass bullets, silver-plated copper
  • 30L inches
  • Handmade in Ethiopia

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