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Organic Fair Trade Guatemala Whole Bean Coffee

12oz. Members of the Nahualá co-op, which produces this coffee, are part of Guatemala’s Mayan population and proudly uphold many of the traditional cornerstones of the culture. We source all our beans directly from women farmers and pay them above Fair Trade. FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet, dark chocolate, cinnamon ORIGIN: Nahualá Co-op, Sololá, Guatemala ROAST LEVEL: Dark-medium PROCESS: Washed CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic and Fair Trade

About Cafe Femenino Coffee: Café Femenino Coffee was born out of a grassroots movement to give women coffee farmers the credit and the voice they need to build a better future. The brand is founded on a first-of-its-kind ethical sourcing model that pays women farmers directly for their beans. This ensures that women get their fair share, improving the quality of coffee and the quality of lives for coffee producers. By selling Café Femenino Coffee, you join a growing list of retailers who support ethical sourcing and sustainable development in coffee communities.

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