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Joy Alchemy Collection ~ Spiritual Gifts & Inspirations

Full Moon Blessed Amazonite ~ a Joy Alchemy Gift

A full moon light imbued sacred Amazonite tumbled stone from our exclusive Joy Alchemy spiritual gifts collection. For those whose spiritual practices include beliefs in the energy and healing properties of crystals and stones from the Earth, go with the flow in all areas of life with Amazonite, known as a healing and prosperity stone since ancient times. Believed to be used 4,000 years ago in Egypt, India, Sudan, and Mesopotamia, Amazonite was said to be found in artifacts from King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber; carved into tablets for the Book of the Dead; and the third stone in the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest. Amazonite was also said to have adorned the shields of legendary Amazonian tribal female warriors in the 10th century BC/BCE.

Amazonite is a stone of hope, revered for inspiring faith in the Universe/Divine to overcome obstacles, setbacks, and challenges that present in life by replacing lower vibrational energies with positivity and optimism. It helps to broaden perspective in times of transformation by seeing different points of view and aids in “going with the flow” instead of resisting change in life.

It is known as a protector against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves while bringing balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within. Amazonite is also known to soothe the chakras and is a powerful heart chakra and throat chakra stone in the balancing and clearing of these energy centers to support the awakening of compassion and freedom of expression in feelings and communication through harmony, peace, and truth.

This Amazonite tumbled stone was hand selected and blessed in our sacred circle garden sanctuary during the setting of the day's sun and imbued with the energy of the Full Moon light, brought in after sunrise and placed in the velvet bag. Includes a Joy Alchemy scroll describing the Full Moon energy and properties of the tumbled stone.

Gift includes Full Moon Blessed Amazonite Tumbled Stone with Velvet Bag, Joy Alchemy Scroll with Blessing from Shannon


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