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Joy Alchemy Collection ~ Spiritual Gifts & Inspirations

Full Moon Blessed Hematite ~ a Joy Alchemy Gift

A full moon light imbued sacred Hematite tumbled stone from our exclusive Joy Alchemy spiritual gifts collection. For those whose spiritual practices include beliefs in the energy and healing properties of crystals and stones from the Earth, Hematite, also known as Iron Rose, is an iron oxide crystal and well-known for a myriad of uses in ancient days including in weaponry, armor, and was also crushed to create a red paint-like appearance thought to aid in protection during battle by Greek, Roman, and Native American warriors. Associated with Mars, the god of war, the word itself was derived from the Greek word for blood. But Hematite’s uses were not relegated only for the battlefield, it was also used in ancient times for medicinal purposes, including treating inflammation and to cool the blood in Ancient Egypt. Hematite is believed to be a stone of invincibility and protection on all levels, especially in grounding and balancing energy.

Associated with the root chakra, Hematite strengthens our connection with the earth and infuses courage, willpower, confidence, and endurance while helping us to stay grounded in transitions and life changes as it provides a yin-yang balancing of energies to foster stable equilibrium. It is also known as a detoxifying stone, stimulating proper circulation and flow in balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

Caution: Natural hematite may contain a slight magnetic charge therefore caution is recommended when working with hematite for those who wear a pacemaker and only after consultation with your medical healthcare provider.

Care and cleaning: Hematite stones can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush or soft cloth or towel. Due to the iron oxide content in Hematite, water is not recommended as it may cause the Hematite to rust.

This Hematite tumbled stone was hand selected and blessed in our sacred circle garden sanctuary during the setting of the day's sun and imbued with the energy of the Full Moon light, brought in after sunrise and placed in the velvet bag. Includes a Joy Alchemy scroll describing the Full Moon energy and properties of the tumbled stone.

Gift includes Full Moon Blessed Hematite Tumbled Stone with Velvet Bag, Joy Alchemy Scroll with Blessing from Shannon


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