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Joy Alchemy Collection ~ Spiritual Gifts & Inspirations

Full Moon Blessed Fluorite ~ a Joy Alchemy Gift

A full moon light imbued sacred Fluorite tumbled stone from our exclusive Joy Alchemy spiritual gifts collection. For those whose spiritual practices include beliefs in the energy and healing properties of crystals and stones from the Earth, the “Genius Stone,” Fluorite is all about being in flow and in-tune with yourself, enabling greater clarity of mind, booting aptitude and discernment, and cuts through confusion as an aid in decision-making. Fluorite is transparent in shades of purples, blues, greens, and pinks, with other colors of the rainbow, giving it a high vibration energy for sweeping out negative energy and ushering in freedom.

Fluorite enlivens the spirit with balance, harmony, and joy, and supports reaching for dreams and wishes to come true, through expanding awareness to greater spiritual and mental conceptions and possibilities. In this manner, Fluorite helps to discover Divine purpose in life and is a powerful crystal for manifestation. Fluorite is believed to cleanse and stabilize the aura and absorbs and neutralizes negative energy, while also balancing and clearing the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

This Fluorite tumbled stone was hand selected and blessed in our sacred circle garden sanctuary during the setting of the day's sun and imbued with the energy of the Full Moon light, brought in after sunrise and placed in the velvet bag. Includes a Joy Alchemy scroll describing the Full Moon energy and properties of the tumbled stone.

Gift includes Full Moon Blessed Fluorite Tumbled Stone with Velvet Bag, Joy Alchemy Scroll with Blessing from Shannon.


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