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Gifts for Tea Lovers

Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Our Japanese Matcha Ceremonial Kit is the ultimate connoisseur gift set for preparing and enjoying Japanese matcha green tea at home. The beautiful full-color gift box includes a traditional matcha bowl, bamboo scoop, bamboo whisk and whisk holder, our high-quality bamboo serving tray and 50g of our premium quality matcha.

This luxurious complete set is ideal for beginners and longtime matcha lovers as it includes everything you need to enjoy the art of Traditional Japanese matcha at home.

Connoisseur Matcha Ceremony Set includes:

- 50g of Premium Matcha
- Matcha Bowl (Made in Japan)
- Bamboo whisk
- Bamboo scoop
- Matcha sifter (Made in Japan)
- Whisk holder
- Bamboo Tray
- Full color gift box

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