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Classic Round Glass Teapot (30 oz)

Glass Teapot - classic round (30 oz) teapot with infuser basket

A classic, elegant way to brew tea—this high-quality, heat-resistant glass allows you to watch the tealeaves unfurl and dance in water and appreciate the variety of colors unique to different tea types. Glass imparts no unwanted tastes into your tea and is dishwasher safe. This infuser basket allows plenty of room for the leaves to expand and fully infuse their flavor into the brew.

Easy to use and clean, this classic teapot is ideal for multiple cups. Simply add a few tablespoons of tealeaves to the pot (adjust depending on desired strength), add freshly boiled water, steep for the suggested time (generally 2-4 minutes), and then pour the tea into your cups. The filter strains all of the tealeaves as you pour and keeps tea in the pot for future steepings.

Holds approximately 30 ounces (3.75 cups).

Size: approximately 5" x 4" (not including lid, handle or spout)
Capacity: 30 oz
Material: heat-resistant glass
Infuser: stainless steel strainer and lid
Origin: China
Ideal for brewing: all tea types

CARE: Dishwasher safe

TIP: To quickly and easily remove any stains on the stainless steel infuser basket, periodically scrub with baking soda paste (one tablespoon baking soda and one tablespoon water) as needed.

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