About Sunnyside Gift Company

Sunnyside Gifts Company was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, David and Shannon, as a one-stop destination for inspirations and fun gifts across the entire sunny side of life—from inspiration and encouraging books to meditation and spirit gifts to children’s toys and novelties to home and bath décor gifts and jewelry—gifts of all kinds, honoring the gifts that shine brightly from within, gifts we give ourselves, and gifts for all occasions given to others to show how special they are in our lives.

We provide awesome and positive shopping experiences that set Sunnyside Gifts apart from other retailers. As a family-owned and operated business, David and Shannon provide comprehensive and personalized service and keep the Golden Rule forefront in all they do. Sunnyside Gifts has partnered with dozens of local US and Global Fair Trade Artisans and also major retail gift brands such as Melissa & Doug, Compendium, Fringe, Gianna Rose, Punch Studio, among others, with additional gifts arriving in the shop each month.

David and Shannon are deeply committed to giving back in the community and collaborate with nonprofit organizations across the United States to provide fundraising opportunities and events for their important work within communities and around the world. Additionally, they believe that the positive effects of acts of kindness and generosity spread outward and include a gift within each and every order shipped from the shop.


About Us

Joyful inspirations. Shannon has worked in publications in the corporate sector for more than a decade and is an inspirationist, writer, and artisan. Originally from California, Shannon graduated from college in the Pacific Northwest before moving to New Jersey. With a heart for exploring, discovering, and adventure, Shannon has criss-crossed the country multiple times from East to West coast on road trips. The gift collections that reflect wisdom, enlightenment, and harmony on the sunny side of life are nearest to her heart. She is currently completing a book that tells the story of how dreams really do come true in the middle of real everyday life. Anything is possible and with thoughts and focus on the sunny side, life blossoms and is fulfilled in greater ways than expected.


 Laughter and silly fun. David is a serene stargazer and is the yang balance to Shannon’s yin. He spent a majority of his working career in the graphic art world, which embodied the creative mind David has had ever since he can remember. He finds passion in film, TV, and music and has the uncanny ability to quote from movies in any conversation. David is currently completing his first screenplay. His philosophy is to always remember the 3 rules to life for a joyous existence in this crazy place called Earth. First, make yourself happy. Second, never make anyone else unhappy. Third, there are no more rules. So browse our site and see if you can’t make the first two rules a reality for the ones you love or yourself.

Together, they enjoy joyful times with their menagerie of rescued dogs and cats in at home in Central New Jersey.


We cultivate positivity in the world as the foremost retailer of gifts of all kinds on the sunny side of life.


Be the reason someone smiles today.


Sunnyside Gift Company is a one-stop destination for inspirations and fun gift shopping on the sunny side of life. We are dedicated to positive experiences and awesome service with commitment to the Golden Rule in all we do. Sunnyside Gift Company honors the sunshine found within each and every person, cherishes the gift of life’s unique journeys, and spreads joy through giving back in the community and beyond.


We believe that the sunny side of life represents joy, loving-kindness, friendship, encouragement, compassion, cheerfulness, harmony, bliss, peace, and all that is experienced as positive along our journeys. We believe that this includes all beliefs and paths which hold truth in the Golden Rule and that this encourages us to treat others with love and kindness and celebrate life. This begins by experiencing joy from within and then radiating positivity to others through the giving of gifts of all kinds, including a smile or thoughtful kind action. This is what living #onthesunnyside of life is all about.


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