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Clear Quartz Crystal Angel

Beautiful 1.5" fluorite angel.

Clear Crystal Quartz embodies the White Ray and resonates clear white Universal spiritual light, known to be the most versatile healing stone of all crystals by amplifying energy and intention, including the effects of other stones and crystals. A powerhouse of a crystal, Clear Quartz is exceptionally beneficial for use in manifesting, meditation, and channeling. In addition to protective qualities, Clear Crystal Quartz purifies on all levels. It draws off all kinds of negative energy and supports to restore balance and revitalizes the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes. In this way, Clear Crystal Quartz is a harmonizer and is often used for cleansing, opening, activating, and aligning all of the chakras, although it said to specifically stimulate the crown chakra as an aid in connecting with higher consciousness with clarity of mind and enhancing mystical visionary and clairvoyant practices.

Note: The written spiritual meanings and metaphysical properties of our gemstones and crystals are meant to be considered entertainment. None of the descriptions on this website and in our store are meant to replace medical advice or treat illness. We encourage you to use gemstones and crystals to enhance your life and broaden your mind, with the understanding the varied nature of each person's experience.

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