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Conscious Business Issue 1 - Conscious Business for a Flourishing World

Pre-order the print edition of the premier issue of Conscious Business Magazine from the Light on Light family of publications. This issue, guest edited by Steve Farrell, Executive Director of Humanity's Team, and Peter Matthies, Founder of the Conscious Business Institute, features global renowned leaders in conscious business. Conscious Business for a Flourishing World includes:

Paul Polman ~ Ervin Laszlo ~ Michele Hunt ~ Ken Wilber ~ David Sloan Wilson ~ Jude Currivan ~ Chris Laszlo ~ Rinaldo Brutoco ~ Richard Barrett ~ Deborah Moldow ~ Steve Farrell ~ Peter Matthies ~ Joe Laranjeiro ~ Stephen Dynako ~ Luke Lorio ~ Blaine Bartlett ~ Athena Melchizedek ~ Claudia Welss ~ Michele Risa ~ Lisette Cooper ~ Adam C. Hall ~ Mitchell J. Rabin ~ Linda Bjork ~ Kurt Johnson

Print editions will ship in February/March.

All of Light on Light’s magazine issues and special editions are available online free via ISSUU, click here to read online.

Print editions of each magazine issue are a nonprofit service of Sunnyside Gift Company, LLC, and are in part financially subsidized by Sunnyside Gifts as a part of our "Gifts that Give Back" programs.

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