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Funko Pop Vinyl Figurine Aquaman Justice League Jason Momoa King of 7 Seas

Aquaman is the ruler of the seven seas in the DC Universe. Although made fun of for his early portrayals in cartoons, he is a powerful force with extraordinary powers. Aquaman is the king of all things aqua. He can breathe underwater, swim at tremendous speeds, and telepathically communicate with sea life. Being able to withstand ocean depths, he gets bonus points on land with his superhuman strength, enhanced senses, and nearly impenetrable skin. And although his courage and decisive nature have proven him a true heir to Atlantis’s throne, the continual conflict between land and sea makes him a citizen of both—and at home in neither.

Here he gets the Pop! Vinyl Funko treatment from the upcoming movie Justice League with a new and meaner look but still with his trident.

Measures 3 3/4 inches in height. - retired from production by Funko

Minor manufacturer imperfections may exist on item so please understand this uncontrollable detail before purchasing.

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