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Funko Pop Vinyl Retired Figurine Marvel's Falcon Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson Avengers

With a mental connection to all birds and a suit that gives him wings to fly, The Falcon has been both the partner to Captain America and an Avenger himself. Whether as a super hero or in his secret identity of social worker Sam Wilson, The Falcon dedicates his life to standing up for others.

Originally possessed the ability to telepathically communicate with his pet falcon Redwing, but that ability has grown into the ability to telepathically communicate with any birds within an unknown radius. Through this telepathic link he is also able to receive mental images of what the birds see.

An Excellent trainer of birds, and has been highly trained in gymnastics and hand-to-hand combat by Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America. Here he is presented in his classic outfit.

Measures 3 3/4 inches in height.

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