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Funko Pop Vinyl Figurine Mr. Freeze Batman TV Series Dr. Schivel Otto Preminger

Mr. Freeze was an enemy of Batman, a mad scientist who must wear a cryogenic suit to survive.

Dr. Schivel was a criminal mastermind residing in Gotham City until he met his match in Batman. During an attempted arrest, Batman accidentally spilled some 'instant freeze' solution on Schivel, freezing his molecular structure making him a being of pure cold. Thus, the criminal 'Mr. Freeze' was born.

In this appearance, Mr. Freeze sought revenge on the Caped Crusader once again for condeming him to live in sub-zero temperatures. He captured Miss Iceland from a beauty pageant as part of a plot to discredit Batman and make her a being of pure cold like himself. He later decided to ice Gotham City and hold it for ransom, but was thwarted by the Dynamic Duo and once again sent to prison. Otto Preminger

Measures 3 3/4 inches in height.


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