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Funko Pop Vinyl Retired Figurine Scarecrow Arkham Knight Jonathan Crane Arkham Series

The Batman Arkham Series from Rocksteady is easily one of the most popular game series ever created as a player gets to enter the world of Batman and play hero or villain. Jonathan Crane became a professor of psychology and psychiatry to overcome his fears of being teased by his classmates for his obsession with his studies. He was an employee at Blackgate Prison to research on fear and nightmares. Crane then made a gas that induced fear in his patients. Crane ran his tests on the criminals in the prison to improve his toxin.

Years later, Crane became the Scarecrow, one of Gotham's emerging super villains, who specialized in inflicting fear on others with his self designed toxin known as Fear Gas.

Measures 3 3/4 inches in height.


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