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TOLERANCE Bumper Sticker - Multifaith Interfaith Vinyl Decal

Coexist symbol design inspired, this bumper sticker features symbols that spell "TOLERANCE." The 9 symbols include: T - The Christian Cross. o - The ubiquitous peace sign. l - A Native American peace pipe. Used by natives to smoke tobacco and other herbs for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. e - Peacemonger's original equality 'e.' A male and female symbol are attached to the e to represent equality between the sexes. r - Kokopelli, a Hopi fertility god dances and plays his flute beneath the arch of the 'r.' a - The Jewish Star of David represents the 'a.' n - Made to look like a door, with a 9 point Baha'i star on the front. c - The crescent moon and star associated with both Islam and the Greek moon goddess Diana. e - The second 'e' is formed into Einstein's famous equation E=mc², giving science a harmonious place among religions.

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