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Congratulations to All Who Are "Officially Awesome!" Sunnyside Awards List

Let us know who’s rockin’ goodness and shining their lights bright in your community and beyond and they may receive a special surprise delivery from us (+ a shout out online!) Click here to nominate someone who is AWESOME today!


Bella M. for being a great helper.
Crystal V. for being selfless and doing everything possible to help others.
Cynthia K. for being kind.
James P. for being an amazing husband, father, and friend.
Jason R. who is kindhearted, loving, and a hard worker.
Jamie F. for being strong like a rock and super-talented.
Vlad P. for his encouragement, compassion and generosity, and helping others as the center of calm, positivity, and peace.
Zachary C.
for being all-around wonderful and talented.


None yet! 😮


Britt F. for her support and dependability.
Christine D.
for being great with patients.
Evelyn W.
for always being there with support for anything needed and with selfless love for others.
Jenny L.
for caring, generosity and kind-heartedness towards others.
Luann D.
for being caring, loving, generous, and selfless (as well as, being a role model and blessing for her daughter).


None yet! 🥺


Cristina L. for being sweet and kindhearted, and always going out of the way for others.
Czyrhelle A. for receiving the Principal's List award last year.
Jenna M. who makes others feel special.
Kim Z. for going out of the way to help anyone in need.
Ruben G. for being generous and very funny.


Jessica C. who goes above and beyond in support and love.


Kyle H. for being kind and helping anyone who needs support.
Mariann H. for being an amazing cook and teacher.


Chris L. for being the sweetest and most generous person and the best son.
Jana T. for going above and beyond in work as a front-line healthcare provider and volunteering in the community.


Alan B. for making his family feel safe and loved.
Grant D. for being a great father and husband.
Natalie M. for being caring.
Quillie J. for keeping faith that all will work out even in the toughest of times.


Diane L. for being generous and caring.
Diane L.
for her selfless kindness and love shown for her children and others.
Jeremiah F. for being such a huge help with so many things and super special.
Joyce H. with a heart of gold and helps anyone and everyone.
Kera S. for being an amazing mother and woman.
LaToya S. for never giving up (no matter what) and always going above and beyond for her family.
Maddison S.
for going above and beyond to take care of others.
Mark L. for inspiring joy and laughter with his humor.
Nicholas P.
for working hard with dedication and determination and being a dependable and loving husband and father.
Savannah T. for being a joy to be around (and the best mom).
Sky L. for having a compassionate heart for animals and being the greatest daughter.
Troy S. for being the best husband and support, and keeping his wife laughing through it all.
Whit L. for being positive and always having a smile and making others laugh with her jokes.


None yet! 😯


Chris P. for being a great daddy and provider.


Jonathan S. for kindheartedness and helping at home and in the community.
Kelly K. for her truly giving heart filled with love.
Martin R. for always putting others first with a generous heart.
Sean H. for helping in so many ways every day.


Catherine R. for always saving the day and helping others.
Gina G.
for being an amazing mom.
Marilyn L. for being loving, caring, and giving, always putting a smile on others' faces and being there for them.
Vickie P. for going above and beyond for the family.


Deanna S. for being an "undercover angel" in the community, touching lives everywhere around her.


Conner R. for being naturally funny, a great friend, and one who lights up a room.
McKenzie R. for being kind to everyone and treating people with respect and dignity.
Tommy G. for being such a hard worker and providing for his family.


Kevin W. for being selfless, kind, and making people feel good with a wonderful sense of humor.
Myles D. for always being willing to give back with a huge heart of kindness.
Piper C. for helping her parents with everything when they were sick.
Robbie P. for being the very best dad and a wonderful husband.
Shelby H. for being patient and open-hearted with everyone, especially in loving and caring for others (including rescuing a turtle)!
Susan L-H. for making the house a "home."


Shayden B. for being kindhearted and generous.


Ace B. for being so good and solving problems and concerns with ease.
Daniel P.
for being amazingly supportive.
Jayla P. for being a great help.
Jenna L.
for being the best kind of friend who has a sympathetic ear and willing to drive hours to help others.
Lori C. for her positivity and encouragement.
Sue P.
for being a wonderful caretaker through it all.
Tina R.
for being generous and a great listener.


None yet! 😮


Rich T. for always helping others and instilling the same moral code of "others first, self last," in his children.


Brian W. for being a wonderful support and provider for his family.


Geo for being an awesome son and taking care of his mom.


None yet! 🥺


None yet! 🤨


None yet! 😯


None yet! 😔


None yet! 😮

New Hampshire

Rickey M. for supporting and helping in so many ways every day.

New Jersey

Ellen R. for working tirelessly to feed, clothe, and make holidays special for those in need.
Francine S. who helps people in her work.
Jennifer B. for caring and helping others.
Julianne G. for being an amazing mom with inspiring strength through it all.
Gianna A. for being compassionate and caring with a hard-working ethic and always willing to help others.
Michelle L. for going above and beyond to make her students feel supported.

New Mexico

A.L. for having a generous heart.

New York

Christopher K. for being a hero in his work with children.
Gail L.
for being a strong woman and the best mom.
Lizzy K.
for making bears to donate.
Marylou G. for being a great mom and going out of her way to help.
Minyjah B.
for being an inspiration, including an excellent student and determination in learning new skills (like how to back flip).
Nancy G. for being a loving inspiration by going out of her way to help her children in all times.
Sapphire R. & Derrick L. for being parents who are precious gifts from God.
Yasael A. for being the best supporter, friend, husband, and father.

North Carolina

Alisha R. who is mart and funny.
Cassandra B. (aka PinkLash) for smiling through obstacles in life and having a giving heart and love for people.
Lady J. for being a compassionate educator who goes the extra mile to make learning fun.
Lori C. for having an incredibly big heart for children in her work as an educator.
Nicole W.
for being a great friend and supporting through thick and thin, bringing light to dark days.

North Dakota

None yet! 😯


Peggy K. for always being there when needed.
Rochelle L. for helping others.
Tania N. for keeping the county safe and educating the community in her work.
William M.
who is caring, and loves to give back and help others.


Connie S. for putting others first.


Janell G. for going above and beyond making sure patients are treated with respect and dignity.


Angel Marie S. for having a loving heart and generous spirit.

Ashley M. for encouraging and helping with a huge heart.
Brandon M.
for being a loving dad.
Donna S.
for helping others.
Jessica P. for helping others in need.
Joshua E.
for being the glue that holds his family together (and the best daddy, too).
Lily for always thinking of others first and helping those in need.
Morgan P. for being a kind soul and helping everyone in need (including being a huge help at home!)
Rick R. who has a heart of gold and always lends a hand to those in need (and never gives up).

Rhode Island

None yet! 🥺

South Carolina

Eugene B. for always going the extra mile and not giving up.
Glenn J. for working hard for the family and being a loving father.
Madeline K. for shining with multiple talents.

South Dakota

None yet! 🤨


Alisha McC. for being an amazing mom and friend who goes above and beyond, and is known for kindness and helping others.
Jimmy F. who loaded up his truck with food and a grill and fed those who were in need after the devestating tornadoes hit in Kentucky. [news articles here]


Bettie P. for being there and helping her daughter whenever needed.
Fannie S. for being the best wife and mom who is the strong rock of the family.
Reign G. for being the "awesomest person ever", including volunteering and donating.
Shagufta Z. for having a big heart and being welcoming to all.
Shelia C.
for being a devoted mom and true friend (and an inspiration to others).


None yet! 😯


None yet! 😔


Joy E. for being a great friend who is always there.


None yet! 😯

Washington DC

None yet! 🥺

West Virginia

None yet! 🤨


Melodie T. for having a heart of gold.


None yet! 😔

US Territories

 None yet! 🥺

Other Countries

None yet! 😯