Grand Opening Celebration! Sunnyside Now in Hillsborough, NJ!

Our Mission


Sunnyside Gifts is a one-stop destination for inspirations and fun gift shopping on the sunny side of life. We are dedicated to awesome service with commitment to the Golden Rule in all we do. We honor the sunshine found within each and every person, cherish the gift of life’s unique journeys, and spread joy through giving back in the community and beyond.


We inspire positivity in the world as a retailer of gifts of all kinds on the sunny side of life.


Be the reason someone smiles today.



We believe that the sunny side of life represents experiences filled with joy, loving-kindness, friendship, encouragement, compassion, cheerfulness, harmony, bliss, and peace along our journeys. We believe that this includes all beliefs and paths that hold truth in the Golden Rule and this encourages us to treat ourselves and others with love and kindness and to celebrate life. This is what living #onthesunnyside of life is all about.