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Sunnyside Gift Shop Awards - You're Awesome Group/Business/Organization Nomination Form

Tell Us Who Is Awesome!
Submission Form Below

Fill in the Nomination Form Below and Click "Submit" to Send It to Us! Or, email us at: with the nomination details. All information is kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Practices, and will not be used for marketing or other communications outside of this Sunnyside Award nomination.

Nomination Form

Open Call for Nominations from  "Mom & Pop" at Sunnyside Gifts:

Do you know anyone who is making the world a better place through their work or service in the United States? A business giving back or involved in helping others? Healthcare workers and first responders in the local community? Volunteers in an organization?

We’re celebrating those who are making difference each and every day in recognition of all the good they do by sending a special thank you with free gifts and inspirations and lots of love from us at Sunnyside Gifts.

All submissions will be considered by Sunnyside Gifts to receive a shout-out recognition online, "Officially Awesome" letter, and/or may even score a Sunnyside Award of Distinction (for those who go WAY above and beyond) in our awards celebrations! No purchase is required to participate.

Let us know who’s rockin’ goodness and shining their lights bright in your community and beyond and they may receive a special surprise delivery from us (+ a shout out online!)

With love,
Shannon & Dave
“Mom and Pop” at Sunnyside Gifts

PS, We review all entries in the order received and depending on total volume of nominations, awards may be delayed to the next round (don't worry!) Let’s keep good vibes flowing!