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BELIEVE in Love in Peace Bumper Sticker - Multifaith Interfaith Vinyl Decal

Following the design of the famed "Coexist" sticker, this high-quality vinyl Bumper Sticker features 8 different religious icons, as well as the male and female symbols placed together to represent equality. All the icons are arranged to form letters spelling the word "Believe."

"B" Christian Cross and Hindu Aum / Om Symbol, represents the Hindu phrase namaste which translates to "The Divinity in me bows to the Divinity in you." "E" E=Mc^2, an homage to Albert Einstein and science. "L" Peace Pipe, used by native american tribes as part of prayer ceremonies, purification rituals, and as a way to connect with each other and seal treaties. "I" The Body of the "I" is a totem pole, an idol of worship in many native cultures around the world. The "I" is dotted with the Muslim Star and Moon, which is also the ancient Greek symbol for the goddess Dianna. "E" This e is a combination of the male and female symbols (Mars and Venus). This is to symbolize peace and equality between the sexes, and within the family. "V" The Star of David, Judaism. "E" The final e is the Eye of Horus. In ancient Egyptian culture, the symbols representing the eye of a god represented the reach of the that gods power. The Eye of a god was considered to be a separate entity from the god him or herself, but still an extension of that god. Therefore showing that the gods could see and act without physically being present. "." The word is ended with a period represented by the daoist Yin-Yang standing for equality and balance in the world.

This Bumper Sticker measures 10.5 x 3 inches.

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