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Black Cat Onyx Spirit Animal (1.25")

Measures 1.25" H, carved in Peru in onyx stone.

The Black Cat Spirit brings intuition, autonomy, and gives access to the supernatural. Black Cats are said to bring prosperity and grant wishes. Your Spirit Black Cat can help you to develop your intuition and reclaim your own power. In challenging moments, it can guide you to success with dignity.

Note: The written spiritual meanings and metaphysical properties of our Spirit Animals are meant to be considered entertainment. None of the descriptions on this website and in our store are meant to replace medical advice, treat illness, or replace common sense. We encourage you to use spirit animals to enhance your life and broaden your mind, with the understanding the varied nature of each person's experience.

Please note: This gift is a special order item and may take up to 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

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