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Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles them until their edges and surfaces are smooth and polished. As in nature, each stone has its own unique qualities in appearance.

Please see Measurement chart for sizing/cost for tumbled stones. Stone sizing is based on length of longest dimension.

Communication - Blue Goldstone is a stone of learning and communication. It repels unwanted energies and offers protection in the spiritual realm. Blue Goldstone's copper flecks aid in stimulating the nervous system and energize the healing powers transmitted through the hands. These flecks twinkle like the night stars to remind one that even in the darkness an inkling of light can always be found, so reach for the stars.

Note: The written spiritual meanings and metaphysical properties of our gemstones and crystals are meant to be considered entertainment. None of the descriptions on this website and in our store are meant to replace medical advice or treat illness. We encourage you to use gemstones and crystals to enhance your life and broaden your mind, with the understanding the varied nature of each person's experience.

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