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Chakras Double Strand Clear Quartz Gemstone Chips and Lava Stones Bracelet

Beautiful gemstone chips adorn this bracelet in the hues of the 7 major chakras for energizing and balance with clear crystal quartz and paired with a natural diffuser to enhance your intention, lava stones are a perfect choice for aromatherapy essential and fragrance oils.

For those whose spiritual practices include beliefs in the energy and healing properties of crystals and stones from the Earth, lava stone is associated with stabilizing the root chakra, one of the body’s centers of spiritual power, and is grounding in its nature as volcanic rock in strong connection to Mother Earth. The Fire energy of lava stone can help guide spiritual transformation. It has also been said to lend strength in life decisions and for clearing of emotions such as anger and anxiety into greater inner peace. Lava stone aids to balance energy. As a diffuser, simply add a few drops with intention and enjoy the therapeutic benefits the spiritual practice brings.

Clear Crystal Quartz embodies the White Ray and resonates clear white Universal spiritual light, known to be the most versatile healing stone of all crystals by amplifying energy and intention, including the effects of other stones and crystals. A powerhouse of a crystal, Clear Quartz is exceptionally beneficial for use in manifesting, meditation, and channeling. In addition to protective qualities, Clear Crystal Quartz purifies on all levels. It draws off all kinds of negative energy and supports to restore balance and revitalizes the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes. In this way, Clear Crystal Quartz is a harmonizer and is often used for cleansing, opening, activating, and aligning all of the chakras, although it said to specifically stimulate the crown chakra as an aid in connecting with higher consciousness with clarity of mind and enhancing mystical visionary and clairvoyant practices.

Care and cleaning: Lava stones are soft and easy to scratch or break because of their natural porous nature, care in handling is recommended. If cleaning is needed use warm and mild soap water with a soft piece of cloth.

Gift includes stretch chakras gemstone chips and lava stone bracelet

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