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Crystal Prism Faceted Butterfly

Inspiring wonder and joy, the energy of prism rainbows expands creativity and broadens perspectives, opening roads to new possibilities. Rainbow hues dance and dazzle as the light shines through the prism, and positivity and healing vibes abound, reminding us of the miraculous and promise of new beginnings, such as in the story of Noah and the Ark. The rainbows remind us also of the bridge connecting Earth with Heaven, supporting strength of heart and hope in troubling times. Just as the light carries a full spectrum of color, the prism rainbows activate the rainbow chakra energy within our energy bodies and inspire purification and blessings through the alchemical transformation of sacred energies.

Hang this gorgeous faceted glass crystal prism indoors or out to cast rainbows everywhere. Beautiful clear lead-free glass is faceted for extra sparkle.

Comes pre-strung on clear cord.

Crystal butterfly is 28mm (1.1 inches) long.

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