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Goloka Divine Archangel Incense Sticks ~ Guardian Angel Gabriel

These incense sticks are hand rolled and all natural, Goloka is known for their quality, purity, and unique blends. 15 gr incense, 12 sticks per box, burn time each stick approximately 20 minutes.

About Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel’s name means “Hero of God.” Gabriel is God’s hero because he communicates God’s message to people. The Angel Gabriel may be one of the most well-known characters and infamous divine beings in the Bible. Gabriel is the Angel of Healing. 

The Powers Archangel Gabriel Meaning:
Archangel Gabriel has an unlimited power; meaning he can help anyone who needs him at the same time. He can help in the follow ways, among others:
Working With Children: Archangel Gabriel assists with conception, pregnancies and birth. The wellbeing and happiness in children is important to him. He especially helps sensitive children, mentoring parents, teachers and counsellors to help a child.
Encourages Your Passion: Archangel Gabriel supports us to work in our chosen careers, to find our passion and he gently encourages us to follow in our dreams.
Provides Us With Strength & Protection: Archangel Gabriel gives us strength when we feel weak, emotional or vulnerable. He helps us to protect ourselves from negativity and encourages us to feel stronger in situations when needed.
Communication: The Archangel Gabriel symbol denotes communication and he assists us in finding ways to communicate with others, especially if there is something which needs discussing, finalized, or if highly charged emotions are involved.

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