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Goloka Divine Archangel Incense Sticks ~ Guardian Angel Haniel

These incense sticks are hand rolled and all natural, Goloka is known for their quality, purity, and unique blends. 15 gr incense, 12 sticks per box, burn time each stick approximately 20 minutes.

About Archangel Haniel: The Archangel of Intuition, many view Archangel Haniel as the Angel of Joy, as her name translates to “Joy of God”. Haniel comes as an intuitive guide; pointing one in the direction of a joyful path to my goals. One of the main roles of Archangel Haniel is to act as an intermediary between higher spheres of Divine Wisdom, celestial realms and humans. Through this, Haniel is able to bring powerful guidance to assist in raising vibrations and expanding one’s consciousness so you’re able experience the higher levels of Spiritual Divine Truth as well as Spiritual Wisdom.
Archangel Haniel is also able to help translate high level Spiritual concepts and frequencies into words, language, and frequencies which humans within the physical reality are able to understand and well as integrate.

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