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Goloka Divine Archangel Incense Sticks ~ Guardian Angel Melchizedek

These incense sticks are hand rolled and all natural, Goloka is known for their quality, purity, and unique blends. 15 gr incense, 12 sticks per box, burn time each stick approximately 20 minutes.

About Melchizedek, Angel of Peace: Melchizedek's name is said to mean "genuine or rightful king” or "king of righteousness". He was a Canaanite priest-king of Salem, now known as Jerusalem, and was a teacher of Abraham. Ancient mystical texts describe him as one who conducts spirit release on a massive scale, working in conjunction with Archangel Michael. This heavenly being is the chief angel of the Order of Virtues. He is considered a celestial virtue of great Grace.

It’s believed that Melchizedek is one of the many Ascended Masters who can help us with our frequency, as can the Angels and Archangels. Melchizedek was human, not divine, and was a historical person, not an angel. He is known as the King of Righteousness whose kingdom is a kingdom of peace. Melchizedek doesn’t do his work inside the earthly Tabernacle. He works in the Heavenly realities because he is a priest of a different order; an eternal order, one that hasn’t got a beginning or end.

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