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Opalite Diamond Shape Stone Pendant Necklace

This stunning pendant features a polished teardrop shaped stone, comes with 18" silver tone chain.

Opalite - Improves communication, helps stabilize moods and emotions, which in tern improves communication and assists one in expressing hidden feelings. As a merchant stone, Opalite enhances interpersonal skills and aids in the manifestation of wealth. Use Opalite on the crown chakra to boost insight, clairvoyance and psychic powers.

Note: The written spiritual meanings and metaphysical properties of our gemstones and crystals are meant to be considered entertainment. None of the descriptions on this website and in our store are meant to replace medical advice or treat illness. We encourage you to use gemstones and crystals to enhance your life and broaden your mind, with the understanding the varied nature of each person's experience.

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